Mission & Vision

Amos 3:3 asks the question: “How can two walk together except they be agreed?”

The Mission

The Mission of the Calgary Hope Church is Loving God, and Loving People.

The Values

The Values of Calgary Hope Church (Our “Creed”) include:

  • Loving God - The Most Important Thing In All The World Is Loving God. At CHC, we are fervently committed to passionately loving God with all our hearts, souls, mind, and strength; and to see our love for God reflected in our time, talent, and treasure…
    Touching God”
  • Loving People – Loving People Is Just As Important. We love people at CHC and are committed to deep relationships and family, doing life together, in all of its triumphs and tragedies, successes and struggles, joys and sorrows…
    “Touching People”
  • Passionate Evangelism - Lost People Matter To God And So Lost People Matter To Us. We are passionate about lifestyle evangelism and being a community that intentionally reaches out to lost people…
    “Touching The Lost”
  • Radical Discipleship - Christ Turns Regular People Into Fully Devoted Followers. We seek to turn regular people into fully devoted followers of Christ and to empower them to become doers of the Word. At CHC, we uphold the believer’s position in Christ, preaching the whole counsel of God’s Word with a positive, faith building perspective… “Touching Christ-Likeness”
  • Mobilized Body - Every Person Is Created In The Image Of God And Is Thus Precious & Valuable, Filled With Enormous Potential, Gifts & Abilities. We are a community that believes that everyone is gifted, every member is a minister, and every person becomes active… “Touching With Gifts”
  • Spirit Empowerment - The Holy Spirit Is The Life Of The Church; Empowering The Body Of Christ To Do The Works Of Christ And Bear His Fruit In Our Lives. So, we are fervently committed to experiencing the continual empowering & leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in CHC… “Touched By The Spirit”
  • Servant Leadership – CHC Is Led By Women and Men With Leadership Gifts, Which Includes The Concepts Of Servant Leadership & Strategic Focus, Being Mission-Driven, With Excellence That Honors God And Inspires People… “Touching The Body”
The Vision of Calgary Hope Church is creating an authentic community focused on reaching the City of Calgary and surrounding area with hope. We are partnering with Christ to create a church where people are valued and that is relevant for life, relationships, finances, career, business, and culture. We imagine a family where the disconnected find community, the hurting find healing, the disempowered find agency, the aimless find purpose, the stuck get unstuck, and where the weak become strong.