hc connect groups

content informs, but community transforms

We would love to see everyone be part of a healthy connect group! We are passionate about loving God and loving people. Connect Groups are three or more people who meet together (in-person or online) around relevant topics or activities that strengthen their relationship with community and with Christ. These are safe and fun environments around food and authentic connection.
Join a small group or lead your own group. HC Connect Groups are a space for you to feel valued in a safe environment while building authentic relationships.  
This is how Jesus grew His disciples and how His church grew from day one. HC Connect Groups aren’t just a program to attend, but a community you will grow in!


To be a HOST, you simply need to...

- Have a heart for people
- Open up your place or source a location
- Be open to gather around a snack
- Turn on the video or use a study guide

IT'S THAT EASY! To get started, complete and submit this Connect Group HOST form.
Your Connect Group Pastor will be in touch with you soon.