Abe Brown, MBA, M.R.Ed/C

Lead Pastor

Welcome! We are grateful for your presence.
I still remember the first moment Christ came into my life as a six-year old boy. Raised in a dysfunctional situation, and desperate for love, God came into my heart. I knew God the Father was real, I knew He loved me, and I knew in that moment that He had a purpose for my life.

Far from living a perfect life, I have been blessed to experience the highs of lows of life, marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship, business, non-profit leadership, and full-time ministry. Ordained as a Minister with Ministers Network Canada and their predecessor, CFCM, since 1998, my career began in full-time ministry for 13 years, pastoring two thriving churches and leading a Bible college that was international in reach. Then, I went full-time into business and now seek to follow the example of Paul in terms of marketplace ministry, both as a “tent-maker” in business and actively leading a growing congregation at Calgary Hope Church.

I am people-first, and most passionate about supporting people, relationships, entrepreneurs, churches, businesses, and non-profits to thrive. I am also passionate about mental health and workplace mental health in particular and changing the world by changing the workplace. I have been fortunate to started or lead several businesses and non-profits and have worked in the entrepreneur space, corporate space, and non-profit space at senior executive levels.

I love running, exercise, playing the guitar, and hanging out with people cooler than me, which is not hard to find. Educationally. I earned a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business, a Master’s in Religious Education and Counselling, and a Bachelor of Theology.

Along with my wife Euniz, who is also a thriving entrepreneur, and our three children, we are excited to see what can happen in CHC as we thrive together.

Brad Brownell

Co-Lead Pastor

Welcome to Calgary Hope Church! We’re glad you’re here!

Whatever your story, wherever you come from, and no matter what you have done, I want you to know God loves you and has your best interest at heart. I can tell you I have seen this time and again in my life through childhood challenges to life-altering trauma events as an adult. I grew up in a triple blended family and am adopted (I’m the whitest brown man you will ever meet – haha!). Since receiving Jesus at age 7 at my grandfather’s church in northern Ontario, my life began to change, and I found myself sharing Jesus often with friends in elementary school to doing ‘altar calls’ in public high school presentations.

With the mentorship of my grandfather in a hard season of my life, and an amazing church community, I sensed God’s call to ministry at age 13. I had powerful experiences with the Holy Spirit in many life transforming ways that would have me serve and lead alongside Christian leaders going forward and I found myself spending hours every day in God’s Word and Presence. During those early years God set me free from a paralyzing oppression, transformed my heart, healed me physically 3 times, and protected me from moments of death that then led me to pastor, coach, and lead people for over 20 years in both the marketplace and ministry across Canada.

I received my Bachelor of Religious Education and Counseling, and am a Certified Life, Relationships, and Leadership Coach. I love marriage and am a wedding officiant with one of the highest rated companies in North America for weddings.

Family means everything to me, and I love loving people, empowering them, and building authentic relationships. Fitness, guitar, and connecting with others are a few things I love. Oh…Don’t forget ice cream! Let’s connect and get some!

If I could pray one prayer for you it would be for you know God and His goodness, become more like Jesus, and be the blessing He has designed you to be a little more each day. Be encouraged, God is for you and our heart is for you to experience the live-giving message of Jesus every day.