The Shiniest Object Of Them All

Mar 3, 2024

Have you heard of SOS, also know as Shiny Object Syndrome? Shiny Object Syndrome is a delightful quirk that can often lead us astray.

Imagine a squirrel, captivated by every glimmering trinket it encounters. Well, humans aren’t too different when it comes to shiny distractions. Jesus doesn’t take our shiny objects away and leave us with nothing, but He actually places the Shiniest Object of All in front of us in the hope that we will leave behind all the others. Jesus wants to put the Shiniest Object of All in front of you so that you willingly, gladly, and wholeheartedly follow Him and His Shiny Object for your life. Without it, we languish in fear, doubt and insecurity. Join us as Pastor Abe breaks down The Shiniest Object of All and speaks about our Vision as a church.